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Kismet - Commission by jendee


Character Ref/Design Point Commissions

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I only do point commissions for character design/refs for equines and canines. Please use my "Donate Points" button to pay for them. You must pay the points, then send me a note with your details in it. Title the note, "Point Commission".


About Jendee!

Hello to my little spot on DeviantART. Welcome! I am Jendee or Jen! I have been a member of DeviantART for over 8 years now, but I have been doing manipulations well over 10 years! When I started I went by the name, BudsLover (Buds was the nickname for my horse, Budder), then I switched to FallenManips (yeah, that dark and gothic trend) then I went to Jendee and have been Jendee for 6 years! I mostly do equine manipulations and drawings, but like to experiment will all art forms! I am 24 years old and I am married! (yeah, I little young) We have no human kids, but a young, spunky Boston Terrier named Rocky! (I saved him) I love reading, art and nature the most! I get along with everyone and love everything life throws at me! Don't be afraid to ask me anything to just chat!! I am always here for my fellow artists!

CM - jendee Stamp by devils-horizon

Stark Stamp by Leelian Targaryen Stamp by Leelian

My Cosplay

Horses of Aramore never use to be like it is today. They had a ruling king who was kind and looked after his people and it's nation. He cared about them and showed it very very well… but when his triplet sons came of age to rule, things started to get bad….

We start our story back when his sons were born. The kings wife birthed a miracle, having identical triplets. Times were happy then and hardly anyone got sick or died young. The 3 boys would grow into adulthood and change all that though. The King and his wife taught the boys how to care and how to lead their herds… and they all took it in at strides. For the most part, they were all good kids. The foal who came first, was best at it and the kindest of the 3. The second was more neutral about things and preferred not to do anything to help the kingdom out. The 3rd brother was very very angry at times. He would almost always to things opposite of what his parents asked of him. It was these three very different personalities that led this land to the state it is in now. 

When the King became sick, his wife became so depressed, she starved herself to death, leaving the boys at age 6 to take care of their father. When their father has taken his last breath, things went south real quick. The first brother seen himself best fit for the King role. He wanted to do what was best for his homeland and lead them with a caring heart like his father. The other 2 were not sure about that. The 2nd brother didn't really care who got the throne, he wanted nothing to do with this but to live in peace. The 3rd brother wanted the throne and lead the land into a dark and evil ruling place. 

The first and third brother provoked the second brother enough, and an all out war began! Each brother took an army who would follow them to the death and death is how this game would be won. Last stallion standing would be king. They fought for days when finally the brothers were all killed fighting each other. Thousands of lives lost for nothing! The land was never the same after that. The surviving solders went home to their families and raised them how they thought best and everyone could see a 3 way split in the land. Lights, darks and neutrals. No king. No system of living. Just join a herd and survive and hope for the best! What side will you choose to call home? Choose now brother and may the Old King be with you.

Horses of Aramore

A fantasy equine play by post role playing game! We are also a throwback to the old school rpg's where it's light vs dark vs neutral! Plenty of unclaimed lands to be claimed by stallions or mares! We have a great staff team too, who are all active and ready to get this place going! We haven't even told you the best part... COMPLETE FREE RANGE ON HOW YOUR CHARACTERS LOOK! There isnt even a registration form! Just join and play! We have a board where you can keep track of all your characters called the Characters Axis. 

We hope to see you there soon friend! Happy Role Playing! 

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